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International Women's Day

🌟On this International Women’s Day, under this years’ theme; “Invest in Women – Accelerate Progress” I want to celebrate these remarkable local businesswomen.


🌟These women are experts in their respective fields, offering exceptional, personalised customer service to meet your unique needs and circumstances.


🌟So instead of using large, faceless corporations, consider reaching out to these incredible women the next time you, your family or friends require the services that they offer.


🌟By supporting local businesses in our community, we not only accelerate progress and help our local economy, but also receive personal, professional, expert service tailored precisely to our requirements.  – Paula Bingham | Claire Knowles | Jodie Kendall | Rachel Spiers – Hannah Davies – Rachel Kirk  - Jilly Spiers | Sarah Knight – Lina Soura – Adele Forbes | Emma Hutchinson

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