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Follow this step-by-step guide to discover the process of how I can assist you to find out if unlocking the value of your home through an equity release lifetime mortgage is the right solution for you

Step 1 - Are You Eligible?

You must be aged 55 or over to be eligible for equity release.

You need to own the property that you wish to release equity from. This could be your current main residence or a property you're planning to purchase as your new main residence.

Happy couple over 55 years old
Happy older couple

Step 2 - Get Prepared

Create a list of what you want to do with the money and how much each thing will cost. It's important to plan ahead to avoid any financial shortfalls.

 Collect recent bank statements, identification documents, mortgage statement (if applicable), and information about any benefits you receive. Having these details ready will help me find the best plan for you.

Jot down any questions you have about equity release. You can also involve your family members in our discussions to ensure any concerns are addressed.

This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.  Check that this mortgage will meet your needs if you want to move or sell your home, or you want your family to inherit it. If you are in any doubt, seek independent advice.

Step 3 – Get Expert Advice

First, I’ll explain my service to ensure that it's right for you.  Throughout our meeting I'll listen carefully to understand what you need and want, so I can offer you the best advice possible.

With my extensive knowledge of lifetime mortgages, I'll answer any questions you have and explain things simply and clearly. I want you to feel confident and informed about your choices.

After our meeting I will carry out extensive research to provide you with a detailed illustration that breaks down the recommended plan. Rest assured, my experience and personal approach will guide you every step of the way. Together, we'll find the right solution for you.

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Happy Senior Couple

Step 4 – Make an Informed Decision

We'll go through the illustration together, making sure you fully understand the plan and how it works. Feel free to ask any questions. It's helpful to involve your beneficiaries too, as they'll be affected by the decision.

If you feel confident and want to proceed, we'll move forward by completing the application form. However, if you'd like more time to think things over before deciding if you want to proceed, that's perfectly okay.

You can be assured that I'm here to support you every step of the way. I'll provide you with all the necessary information and guidance to help you make a well-informed decision that's best for you and your loved ones

Step 5 – Moving Forward with Confidence

Once your application is submitted, the provider will arrange for a valuation of your property, this is typically done at no cost to you.  The surveyor will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for the valuation.

A solicitor who specialises in equity release will need to be appointed. Don't worry, if you don’t have one in mind, I can recommend reputable firms with the expertise needed to help you.  They will guide you through the legal process.

It typically takes around 6-8 weeks to complete the process of obtaining a lifetime mortgage against a property that you already own. You can trust that I will be on hand throughout the whole process to guide and assist you and to answer any questions you may have.

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Call me today to see if Equity Release is right for you

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