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📢 Calling all adventure seekers! 🗺️ Who's up for a visit to Gaping Gill? This hidden gem of a cave system in the Yorkshire Dales is a must-see! And guess what? It's open to the public twice a year! 🚀 🪂 Picture this: You'll be lowered 100 meters below the moorland in a chair winch, directly into the breathtaking main chamber. 🌟 Prepare to be mesmerized by this awe-inspiring spectacle firsthand! And don't worry, no need to crawl back out - they'll winch you back up safely too! 🪂 ⏰ Mark your calendars for August 11th - 18th, 2023 (weather permitting). For just £20 per person, you can experience this extraordinary adventure. Remember to dress warmly in waterproof gear and sturdy boots or shoes. 🧥🥾 📝 No advance bookings taken. Show up on the day, receive a numbered wristband, and get informed about your approximate descent time. 🎟️ 🌈 An unforgettable journey into the depths of Gaping Gill is an opportunity not to be missed! 👋 #GapingGillAdventure #PublicAccess #BreathtakingExperience #YorkshireDales #MustSeeAttraction

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