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Who fancies the Flamborough Fire Festival? 🔥🎉

The village looks forward to, once again, celebrating their Viking heritage at the Flamborough Fire Festival on New Year's Eve and welcoming you to Flamborough - The Home of the Vikings! ⚔️🏰

The evening includes:

🔥 Flamborough Fireballs

🚢 A Viking Longship

🔥 A torchlight Procession

🎆 Fireworks

The highlight of the festival is the burning of the Festival’s Viking Longship! 🚢🔥 The Longship is built by local Viking warriors during the summer months when, on New Year’s Eve, the Longship is set ablaze by Viking Warriors carrying their fire torches! 🔥🌌

Children aged 15 and under go free, as do adults in full Viking costume! 👧👦👹

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