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💌 Reinstate the Art of Letter Writing💌 In the age of modern technology, the charm of a handwritten letter seems to be fading. You could bring back the warmth of this timeless tradition and put a bright smile on a sick child's face. 😊 Have you heard of Post Pals? It's a wonderful volunteer-run charity dedicated to bringing joy to seriously ill children and their siblings across the UK, aged 3-17. Sending a letter requires no long-term commitment, just a stamp and a bit of your time. 📬 Feeling unsure about what to write or how to address their illness? Don't worry, there's a helpful guide available in the FAQ section on their website. 📝 By participating, you have the opportunity to choose the child/children you'd like to write to, making a tremendous difference in their lives. 🌟 Spread some love and kindness through the simple act of writing. Make their days brighter, one letter at a time. 💫

Learn more at Post Pals

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