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🌟 Rock Choir 🌟

🌙Now that the nights are drawing in and we need some indoor activities, why not lift your spirits, and join Rock Choir? 🎵 They have choirs all around the UK. 🇬🇧

Here’s what they have to say:

🎶 Are you looking for a local choir to join? Why not give Rock Choir a try? The power of music, meeting new friends and taking part in life-changing events, together contribute to an emotional and powerful journey for our members.

🎤 Most new members have never sung before and can feel anxious at the prospect of joining a choir, but Rock Choir is designed to nurture and build confidence without the need for anyone to sing alone or expose their voice (unless they want to become an official Rock Choir soloist!)

🚿🚗 Some members say they love singing in the shower or in the car along with the radio, but everyone is welcome, and everyone is nurtured and cared for no matter what their prior experience with music or singing is!

✨It’s a safe, uplifting, and exciting environment!

🌟The journey that members go on with Rock Choir is unique and achieves outstanding results in well-being, health, and personal confidence but with the fun and exhilarating glamour of performing to sell-out audiences and standing ovations! 🎤

🌈 Members are constantly feeding back with their own experiences and how Rock Choir has changed not only their own lives, but how their local choir has supported communities around them.

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